Practical Video Ads Maker Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most common questions asked by other members with regards to PVAM. Please peruse the FAQ page before submitting a ticket to our help staff below.

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Many of the common general questions answered right here on this page. If you decide to submit a ticket, you must create an account at our support desk and then log back in TO THE HELP DESK within 24 hours to see our response. Keep in mind that the support staffs is here to help you with the operation of THIS website. 

  • q-iconHow can I change my password?

    You can simply change your password by following the steps below.

    Login to your account in

    Simply click on your account’s name and click Settings

    Enter the required details Current Password, New, Password and Confirm New Password.

    Click Save

    Save a copy of your credentials to avoid problems in the future

  • q-iconI can’t log in to my account

    This issue may occur if you have entered incorrect login credentials when logging in to PVAM.

    To log in to PVAM, you’ll need to enter your 1) email address (the one you used when you registered), which is also your account username and 2) you’ll need your login password as well. If you have forgotten your password, use the Reset password link on the Sign in page to reset your password.

    If you have a valid PVAM account and you still can’t login, even after resetting your password, please contact our customer support team here:

  • q-iconCan I be able to change my email address?

    To be able to change your registered email address you will need to contact and send email into our support section :

  • q-iconHow to Create Video Ads?

    With PVAM you can create Ads in a small span of time. To do so, please follow procedures below.

    Login to your account in PVAM

    Click Create Ads icon

    Select your template

    Click on the template itself to preview

    Click Create Your Video icon to start with your Video Ads

    Fill in the needed information from Introduction section to Music section.

    Click Save and Next button to Save the added contents and images to each section

    Note: You cannot proceed to the next step if you haven’t completed setting up the needed details on the first page

    Click Finish

    A percentage progress of the Video Ad will appear for you to know if it has been successfully uploaded.

    100% progress will appear once the Ad has been successfully created.

    Click Go to Your Video button to Preview the newly created Video Ads.

  • q-iconWhy can’t I proceed to the next step in creating the Ads?

    The issue occurs when you missed to enter some important details on the current page like for example adding texts on the given text field. There will be an ERROR prompt message that shows when you forget to fill in the mandatory fields. 

    To fix this you need to check the page again for the missing details highlighted by a red line.

  • q-iconHow to connect PVAM on my Social Media Account (Facebook and YouTube)?

    With PVAM, you can simply connect your Facebook account and upload your Ads in your Facebook pages. To do so, please follow steps below.

    For Facebook

    Login to your account in

    Click Welcome tab

    Go to 1 – Connect to your Facebook Account

    Click On Connect to Facebook

    Login to your Facebook Account

    You are now connected

    For Youtube

    Scroll down to 2-Connect to your YouTube Account

    Click On Connect to Facebook

    Login to your Youtube Account

    Click Ok

    You are now connected

  • q-iconHow to Delete Video Ads created?

    To delete created Video Ads in your account please follow steps below.

    Login to your account in

    Click on My Video Ads tab

    Select on the Ads you want to delete (You can select single or multiple ads)

    You can also Select all

    Click Delete Selected if you want to delete multiple items

    To delete a single Ad, you just need to click the Delete icon for that certain ad.

  • q-icon Is there any available photos that I can use immediately on my Video Ads?

    Yes of course. The good thing about PVAM is that we provide Gallery of different icons that you can choose and use to in your ads. These are ready-made icons that you can choose at any time in any template.

  • q-iconHow to add images on my Video Ads?

    With PVAM, you have 2 options on how you will add the images.

    1- You can choose from our Gallery of different 1000 icons that we are consistently updating. These are ready-made icons that you can choose at any time in any templates. You can check this by clicking on the Gallery button under the Photo selection area when creating the ads.

    2- The second option is to upload your own Photo via the Upload photo button.

    In this option you can choose and select photos from your directory, flash drive and even pick up photos from your FB or Instagram account and Google drive account, or you can search free on the web images selection.

  • q-iconCan I be able to edit my ads after I left it?

    If you have some urgent and unplanned appointments and you want to work later with your Ads or you want to save an existing one, then there’s a solution for this offered by PVAM. You just simply need to Click on Save As Draft  so you can re-edit it later from where you left it.

    To Edit the the Saved Ads you just need to click on My Video Ads tab -> Click Manage Saved Ads -> Edit your Ads .

  • q-iconWhat is purpose of the My Video Ads tab?

    On this section, you can preview, delete and download your video ads that you have rendered.On the top left, you will see the DRAFTED ADS choice where you see all the drafted video you have saved which you haven’t render yet and still are in the process of building.

  • q-iconHow to upload the Video Ads on my Facebook pages?

    The good thing with PVAM is that it allows you to share and upload video ads easily in your Facebook pages.

    To upload it in your Facebook pages, please follow procedures below.

    Click the Upload ad button

    Select the video that you want to upload

    Choose the title of your video.

    Choose what call to action type video will have

    Click next

    Choose the copy of your post video, and on the next text box field, you add the Link call to action.

    Click Next

    Choose in which Fan page the video.

    Click Finish

    A notification will appear on your FB account telling that the video ads has been successfully uploaded and you can now use it in multiple purposes.

  • q-iconHow to upload the Video Ads on my YouTube page?

    To upload Video Ads in your YouTube page you just need to simply follow the steps below.

    Important: You need to connect your PVAM account into your YouTube account FIRST via the Welcome page.

    Once connected, you can now upload the Ads.

    Go to My Video Ads tab

    Select the Video Ads to be uploaded in YouTube

    Click Upload to YouTube button under the selected Ads

  • q-iconWhy Choose PVAM?


    You can create your first video ads within minutes. No video editing, no design  and no coding skills required.


    You can simply add your pictures, text, and/or video clips. We’ve already got the music.


    With PVAM, you can easily post and track your video Ads in your Social Media Accounts.

  • q-iconCan I change the music?

    Yes of course, we have a set of tracks that you could choose from currently. To do so please follow procedures below.

    Click My Video Ads

    Click Drafted Ads if you want to edit the music for the Drafted Ads

    If you have rendered the Ads and you want to change the music then just proceed on the Ads you want to edit

    Click Edit button

    Click the Music tab -> Click Free Music -> Changes music ->  Select to upload.

  • q-iconCan I use my own music?

    The good thing with PVAM is that you can add your own music to your Ads. To do so, please follow procedures below.

    If you have saved the Video Ads as Draft then you just click on My Video Ads

    Click Manage Saved Ads

    Select Ads to manage to

    Click the Music tab -> Click Your Tracks -> Select tracks from your directory to upload.

  • q-iconCan I download the Ads I have created?

    Yes of course, you can download the Ads as mp4 file type. To do so, please follow procedures below.

    Login to your account in

    Click on My Video Ads tab

    Select the tab you want to download

    Click the Download mp4 button.

  • q-iconHow do I preview my video?

    You can preview video ads by following the steps below.

    Click on My Video Ads

    Go to the video ads you want to preview

    Click Preview button

  • q-iconWhat is the best size for images and logos?

    This depends on the slides of the templates you have selected. It does have its required image resolution per frame, but the good thing with PVAM is that it shows the best size resolution of the image that you need to be added. You can check the recommended size resolution on each slide/page which does contain an image.

  • q-iconIs it possible to add bullet points and other special characters on my ads?

    Yes, of course. You can use ALT codes on Windows based machines to add accents, fractions, punctuation and other such symbols by holding the ALT key and using the numeric keypad to enter the code.

  • q-iconHow can I add clients?

    With PVAM you can be able to add up to 5 clients in your account where they can have their own login accounts and can be able to add their own Video Ads.

    Login to your PVAM account

    Click Manage Clients icon

    Click Add Client button

    Add the required details (First name, Last name and Email address)

    Click Create Account button

    Your clients will receive an email with their login details

  • q-iconCan I Delete Client’s account?

    As for the moment you cannot delete client’s account but you can deactivate it instead.


  • q-iconHow Can I Deactivate my client’s account?

    You can easily deactivate your client’s account with PVAM. To do so, please follow procedures below.

    Login to your PVAM account

    Click Manage Clients tab

    Select on the Client you want to deactivate

    Click Deactivate button

  • q-iconHow do I change the speed?

    You can’t adjust the speed of each scene as for the moment.

  • q-iconWhat is the resolution of the video?

    The resolution of the video is 1080p– also known as full HD and a set of HDTV high-definition video modes characterized by 1080 horizontal lines of vertical resolution.

  • q-iconHow to Manage Clients?

    You can easily manage your clients by following the steps below.

    – Click on your name under the upper right part of PVAM

    – Click Manage Clients

    – Here you can Add Clients and Deactivate clients

  • q-iconIs there any training materials in PVAM?

    Yes of course. To check all the tracking materials you just need to login to your PVAM account and Go to the Training tab

  • q-iconHow to Manage Social Media Accounts?

    With PVAM, you can add multiple YouTube and Facebook accounts on it. To do so, please follow procedures below.

    – Login to your account in

    – Click Your account

    – Click Manage Social Accounts

    On the page, you can ADD Facebook and YouTube account and at the same time you can choose what account to be enabled or disabled.

  • q-iconHow to upload ads in your Facebook page?

    You can directly upload ads in you Facebook page with PVAM. To do so, you need to follow procedures below.

    – Login to your PVAM account

    – Make sure you have already connected your Facebook account in your PVAM account

    – Click Upload Ad tab

    – Connect and Select your Ad account

    – Click next

    –  Here you can chose the Fb Ad type. Is it for Website click or for Conversion ads. Website clicks: Facebook will charge you per website clicks and Conversion: Facebook will charge you per conversion.

    – Click Next

    – Here you can select your Fan page where you want to add the Ads you created.

    – Click Next

    – Here, You can search and add a country, state/region, city, postal code, address, DMA or congressional district. You can type any location and it will show suggested locations.

    – Click next

    – Select Age for your Desired customers

    – Click Next

    – Select your preferred Gender to target

    – Click Next

    – Select Custom Audiences and Select Custom Interest of your Ads and you’ll see here how many Audiences involved for that certain interest.

    – Click Next

    – Select duration and total budget for your ads

    – Click Next

    – Select the Video Ads you want to upload

    – Click Next

    – Add contents to your Ads. Here, you need to enter all the required details.

    – Click Next

    – Preview your Ads

    – Click Finish

  • q-iconHow to resize images for better results when importing them to PVAM using the editor inside the app?

    When adding images for your Video ads, it’s advisable to resize your images using the editor inside the PVAM app. To do so, please follow procedures below.

    – Create Ads

    – Check the Recommended Size for the image to be added

    – Click Upload Photo

    – Choose File

    – Drag and Drop to resize the image

    – Click Save

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    If you couldn’t find a satisfactory answer to your PVAM issue, please open a ticket here with our PVAM help desk.